Introducing a new way to #gameon

Stuck inside? The ePLEX is bringing an all new way to challenge other players, win cash prizes, and #gamingin together with ePLEX Online!

2 Ways to Game - 2 Ways to Win

For More Casual Players

Powered by GG LEAP and SUPER LEAGUE, AtHome gives players a chance to connect with their local communities and earn cash prizes based on the amount you play.

League of Legends, Dota 2, Fortnite, Apex , PubG, CS GO

Weekly Prizes from
$100 – $500 (USD)

PC Only
(requires previous GGLeap Account)

Free to Play 

For Ultimate Competition

A new series of online tournaments, leagues, and PvP matches exclusive to the ePLEX. Weekly tournaments with cash payouts. 

Smash Bros Ultimate, Call of Duty Modern Warfare, Rainbow 6 Siege, Mariokart Deluxe 8, Fortnite.

Cash Prizes for each tournament, ePLEX SWAG Items, Memberships, Passes & More!

PC & Console*
(Where games are supported)

$5 Entry Fee + $5 Prize Pool Fee*
*100% of Prize Pool Fees go to tournament payouts.

Want More From your ePLEX Experience?

Join the ALPHA CHAPTER – an all new online membership for ePLEX gamers that helps you level up your rewards when competing in ePLEX Online tournaments.

Membership is limited to the first 200 players that sign up and is just $35 per month.

Membership Perks

Entry Fees waived for all ePLEX ONLINE Tournaments.

EXCLUSIVE Access to our Alpha Chapter Discord Group

FREE 7 Day PC/Console Gaming Pass at the Magic City ePLEX

EXCLUSIVE Discord Alpha Chapter Badge

10 Enties into the ePLEX $1,000 prize raffle

50% off Magic City ePLEX in-store gaming memberships


Click on our challonge page, navigate to the tournament you would like to enter, then click on registration, create a Challonge account if you have not already, and sign up.

With a credit/debit card during registration for the tournament on Challonge.

The ePLEX pays out all cash prizes via PayPal. You will need to have or create a PayPal account to receive payment.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Rainbow Six: SIege, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, and Fortnite Battle Royale, with hopes to expand.

GGLeap At Home is a free way to stay connected to our local player base here at The ePLEX. It is available only to players who have been to The Magic City ePLEX, and created and used a GGLeap account here. It allows you to interact with other ePLEX community members, track stats, rank up, and compete with one another. It is for PC only, and also offers PvP and Center vs Center competition for cash prizes. You can compete with your fellow ePLEX gamers against centers around the world.

You can click the following link to download GGLeap At Home: After downloading, you will need your GGLeap username and password to sign in and get started.

GGLeap At Home is a way to stay connected with the community, and have some competition at the same time, but does not offer the same PvP style double elimination brackets as ePLEX Online. ePLEX Online tournaments are hosted weekly, with immediate prizes, and are open to everyone.

An ePLEX Online Membership is a monthly online membership that allows entry into all of our weekly tournaments, as well as many other rewards. The first 200 that sign up for the ePLEX Online Membership will be granted access to our Alpha Chapter, with benefits such as: Alpha Chapter badge in our Discord, free 7 day PC/Console game pass, 10 entries into our $1,000 raffle, 50% OFF your first monthly gaming membership once the ePLEX reopens.

The ePLEX Raffle is for everyone who enters an ePLEX Online tournament, signs into GGLeap At Home, and purchases an ePLEX Online Membership. The raffle ends July 1st, with the following prizes: $1000 cash prize, 3 free 1 month gaming memberships, and 3 ePLEX merchandise bundle (socks, jersey, mousepad, hat).

Yes, they depend on the amount of entry, below is our tiered prizes outline.

Tiered Prizes

10 or less players
Only 1st (cash)

10-20 players
1st and 2nd (70/30 cash)

20-30 players
1st, 2nd and 3rd (70/30/item)

30-40 players
1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th (60/25/15/item)

40 and up
1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th (50/25/15/10/item)

Item Prizes

Onsite item
Full day pass gaming

Mouse Pads
Eplex bookbags