Iphone 7 Screen Repair Houston

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Iphone 7 Screen Repair Houston

The screen of your iPhone 7 can crack or become damaged either accidentally or due to improper handling. Once you notice that your iPhone 7 screen is cracked or damaged, the ideal thing to do is to take the device to an expert to help fix the problem. For your iPhone 7 screen repair in Houston, always turn to our expert at We Fix Crack.

At We Fix Crack, we work with a team of skilled, well-trained experts with several years of experience in fixing screen cracks and damages. Our trusted experts understand how delicate the iPhone device is. We will fix the screen issue carefully without causing additional damages. We serve clients in Houston, TX, and nearby cities.       

What Are the Causes Of iPhone 7 Screen Damages?

Screen damage on iPhone 7 can be annoying and frustrating.  Below are some common causes for iPhone 7 screen damage:

Sitting on Your iPhone 7: This is one of the most common and heartbreaking iPhone 7 screen damage issues. Probably some people just like putting their iPhone in the back pocket. Unfortunately, the screen isn’t made to take the weight of a person apart from your touch; it is possible for the screen to be affected when you sit down. Especially when you sit down on a hard surface such as concrete.

Dropping Your iPhone 7 in Water: Dropping your iPhone in water is another cause of the problem with iPhone 7 screens. Water damage often causes a blurry screen. The moment iPhone drops in water, it is essential to dry it off right away. If it is not, there is a risk of the water getting inside the component, thereby causing other additional problems or software issues. 

Slipping or Dropping It Out Of a Purse or Pocket: iPhone slipping off is never good. You never know where it will land after drop off. Imagine you are at a height far from the ground level. If you drop your phone hard enough, the iPhone screen could go fuzzy, blurry or even completely black. Also, you could actually loosen and damage the internal connections that make your phone function properly as a result of the fall. If your iPhone isn’t in a case, it may not survive the fall.

 How Much Does It Cost to replace an iPhone 7 Screen?

The cost to replace an iPhone 7 screen can range from $90 to $250. When replacing an iPhone 7 screen, it is important to have it in mind that the actual or total cost, though within a certain range, it might not be definite. The cost of replacement can depend on the model of the iPhone 7, location, labor costs, the damage status – whether both layers of the screen (the glass and the LCD layer) will be changed.   

Choose Us for Your iPhone 7 Screen Repair in Houston

At We Fix Crack, we offer quality and excellent services. Contact us today to help fix your cracked or damaged iPhone 7 screen. Our experts will offer a quick and efficient fix to the screen issue. A fantastic experience awaits you.

Iphone 7 Screen Repair Houston
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