Esports Teams

Esports Teams

Esports teams make the sport what it is today. A widely loved set of tournaments and games across the world. The ePlex offers esports team a professional home in Birmingham, Alabama.

What is a gaming incubator?

Gaming incubators offer gamers the resources to succeed in an increasingly competitive market. Teams require a place to grow, bond, and develop the chemistry required to win.

The Magic City ePlex offers unparalleled partnerships to teams including our own. Hewlett Packard and Springboard VR are in our circle of relationships. Gain access to cutting edge hardware, untether your experience between competitions. Obtain the help your team needs to compete.

Is there an esports team in Alabama?

High schools and major league gaming alike have esports teams. The Magic City ePlex hosts the state championship for high school esports.

The ePlex is a place for all teams to compete in a friendly way. Join friends, leagues, and tournaments with your peers in the same way as any other sport. Our team of dedicated professionals maintain an atmosphere that attracts the best teams in the state.

Compete against others

Parties, leagues and tournaments in Birmingham center around the ePlex. We offer a variety of levels of competition geared towards your skill level.

The ePlex aims to provide the same quality of play as local leagues. Silver, bronze, and gold level gamers all have a chance to compete with others at their skill level. We aim to provide a place for people of all ages to have fun.

Where can I play VR games with my friends?

Virtual reality offers unprecedented opportunities for gamers. Cooperative gaming in a virtual environment eliminates distractions.

Virtual Studios and Hewlett Packard provide state-of-the-art equipment for the ePlex. Game with up to four friends powered by Omen computers.

How big is esports?

Gamers are not alone. The rise of multiplayer lets everyone know this. In 2014, the League of Legends World Championship topped 40,000 attendees.

The popularity continues to grow much as it has since 1972. Viewership numbers across the globe reached over 200 million people in 2018. Twitch and other platforms continue to garner interest and push the sport forward.

Is there a professional esports arena in the United States?

The first major esports arena in the country opened in California in 2015. Ohio State recently broke ground on their own venue. In the South, the Magic City ePlex hosts major competitions.

Grab a beer or a slice of pizza and enjoy our events. Esports teams have a home in Alabama. High-tech equipment backed by restaurants and bars capture the wonder that is the multi-billion-dollar sport. There is no better place to catch the action in the Southeast than our dedicated building.

Gamers of all ages enjoy our racing simulator, virtual reality, and overall gaming equipment. With a range of games and options, the ePlex offers something for everyone. Join a league or host a party between some of the largest competitions in Alabama.

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Esports Teams
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