Battalion 1944 added to the bill at epic28

UK-based event organiser epic.LAN has teamed up with developer Bulkhead and custom PC company Chillblast to host a Battalion 1944 competition at its upcoming event. The tournament has a prize pool that will be based on the amount of teams that sign up to compete, ranging from £6,000 to £15,000.
Battalion 1944 epic28
Image credit: Battalion 1944
Aaron Baker, Community Manager at Bulkhead had this to say: “For us at Bulkhead and many of those within Battalion’s competitive scene, epic.LAN has been a right of passage providing an affordable and more community-driven event within the UK – an ethos we too believe in. Taking your first steps at a grassroots level should be open to all and with the help from our friends at Chillblast (who have kindly provided 40 turn up and play machines) that idea has become a reality.” As part of the partnership, Chillblast will be providing 40 of its computers so the event isn’t strictly on a ‘BYOC’ basis. The prize pool options are as follows: £6,000 for eight teams, £8,000 for 12 teams, £12,000 for 16 teams, or £15,000 for 32 teams.
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